Thursday, February 16, 2012

J.R. Smith Signs With New York

That's the last time a Denver Nugget fan will see electric and athletic shooting guard, J.R. Smith, in a blue and yellow uni. He will sign with the New York Knicks and will be rocking that royal blue and orange.

J.R. Smith will sign with New York under the $2.5 million MLE. The Clippers along with the Lakers, with whom J.R. had spoken with Coach Mike Brown two days prior, were also front runners. It was reported that New York's contract was fitted more to J.R. Smith's palate.

Adrian Wojnarowski has stated that Smith's contract includes a second-year player option worth $2.5 million, which brings his total contract worth around $4.3 million.

Smith's debut will be against the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday. Renaldo Ballkman will be waived to make room for the sharpshooter.

Wednesday evening, after the Knicks beat the Sacramento Kings, Leon Rose, Smith's agent, met with James Dolan to solidify Smith's spot on the roster. Leon Rose, also, happens to be the agent for Carmelo Anthony. Over the past seven years, J.R. Smith has averaged 12.5 PPG, 2.0 APG, and 2.8 RPG.

Despite what some might believe, J.R. Smith is NOT, sorry twitter sports, Michael Jordan, however his pure offense will be a blessing for New York, but Melo's and J.R.'s defense will still be an issue for the team to address. On the flip side, it's always nice to have an explosive and athletic shooting guard on your squad. Point blank.

Although, his neck tattoo has the initials "YM" for Young Money, over time people often thought it was the "NY" symbol ......... I'm certain that's more true than ever now.

Good luck in New York, Swish!

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