Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wilson Chandler Slated To Leave China Next Week

Yes the plot thickens.....

Just when the media, the Nuggets organization and fans were thinking Wilson would return sometime in March with his Lions starting playoffs next Thursday, Marc Stein reports something new entirely.

Marc Stein reports that Wilson Chandler and his agent, Chris Luchey, are expected to leave China and return to the United States sometime next week. It seems the Lions management and organization have given their blessing to Wilson in the case that he wants to return home similar to what Kenyon Martin did.

However, that does not mean he can play upon re-entrance into the U.S. He still has to receive his Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) FIBA letter of clearance before he can return to the NBA. It remains unclear if they will grant him immediate clearance or make him wait until the Lions are done with their season, which all CBA contracts indicated when said players signed.

"Either way, sources said, Chandler and agent Chris Luchey are expected to fly back to the States no later than next week while waiting for the CBA's ruling." - Marc Stein

In laymen's terms, they will be in the U.S next week, reportedly, but have to wait for clearance before anything else is done in relation to the NBA and, specifically, the Denver Nuggets.

Here is another snippet:

"Sources told that Zhejiang management essentially promised a drifting Chandler that he'd be granted permission to skip the playoffs as long as he made sure they didn't miss them. In the Lions' regular-season finale against the Beijing Ducks, Chandler responded with 41 points and 18 rebounds -- 25 of those points coming in the first quarter -- in a 114-94 rout."

 "If he wants to continue with his duties here, we'll be happy. But if he wants to leave, we will release him, as he might play with a bad mood in the playoff if we keep him compulsively."- Lions GM

It's clearly a waiting game.

Either way, Wilson Chandler will re-sign with Denver for, at least, the rest of the year.

That's something to hold on to.

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