Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome Back, Voltron NUggets

What's better than a win?? A "First-game-back-from-All-Star-break-against-a-Northwest-Divison-rival" win. Yes, the Denver Nuggets of old, think January 2012 old, are back. They ousted the Portland Trail Blazers 104-95.
Yes. Voltron is back!
My game ball has to go to Kenneth "Manimal" Faried. It was Double-Double Manimal last night who acquired 13 points on 6-for-6 shooting and 10 rebounds, which included 7 OFFENSIVE rebounds, which is the most ANY Nuggets player has seen this season. He set the tone from the get, he has insurmountable energy, and all this in 17 minutes?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Yes, Manimal is invigorating, robust, and dynamic. It sounds as if I am describing a bottled jar of Ragu sauce. Naw, this is the bottled energy of Manimal, George Karl, let's open that jar for a full 30 minutes, okay, baby...
This was close to a solid game as I can remember, of course there were things that could have been better, there are always things I can be overcritical on, but a 9-point win over a division rival, well I can't piss, bitch, moan and complain about that.
What about Jordan Hamilton, sure he has negative, but bear in mind he is a rookie. Despite this, HAM can go, well..... H.A.M. Yes he took some horrible shots, BUT had 3 smooth assists, but was able to make a few of those horrible shots. I'm going to reiterate that Hamilton's release is so quick, and better yet, his shot, is silky smooth. I want to lick and taste that smooth shot.....yes, I really did just say that. However, he was benched because of him not boxing out Batum in which he scored. Nonetheless, Jordan's positives outweigh the negatives.
I know I was reactional for a few moments when Manimal was not in the game down the stretch, but Kosta was the better fit for the Portland matchups. Kosta did a phenomenal job defending down the stretch and his hard work has earned him that spot. It paid off, not only for him, but for the team as well. He was on the verge of a double-double. Welcome back, Al Harrington!! Yes, he missed his first field goal, but the man logged a double-double as well. His shot selection was better than what fans have seen, and he had his legs under him for most of the game. Al Harrington, back? Time will tell.
Ty Lawson!!! DEAR LORD. SWEET BABY JESUS!! HOLY MOLEY!!! It was ORGASMIC to see Ty Lawson take over in the 4th quarter like he did!! He only had 6 points before the 4th quarter but ended the game with 18 points with just 6-for-9 shooting in JUST the 4th quarter, 9 assists, 5 rebounds and just 1 turnover. He brought home that win for Denver. His offense was pure RAZZLE DAZZLE!!!
This was just a solid game of team basketball. OH! All without 3 KEY rotation players (Gallo, Rudy and Nene).
Until next time,
Mrs. NBA

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