Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cementing The NBA History Books: Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka

It was on a dreary night though THREE overtimes, that Alex English and Kiki Vandeweghe, whom scored 47 and 51 points respectively, would hold onto a record for over 25 years until it was finally broken, in which a NBA tandem scored 40 and 50. Scotty Pippen and the Royal Airness himself, Michael Jordan, would hold claim to a record, in which two players scored 40 points each, for over 15 years. To make this even more distinguished is this would be the first time in NBA history where there was a 50-point breakout, complimented with another 40-point game and throw in a triple-double for the heck of it. All by THREE different players.

What team could perform such a feat??

I present to you ------à THE OKLAHOMA CITY THUNDER!

What?? You didn't hear about this record-defying game??? Did ESPN barely mention it in passing?? Are all MOST of the blogs still swept up in Lin-Sanity?? (I admit, I am still LIN-Sane) Media overly concerned with Carmelo Anthony??? The Lakers?? Whom Kim Kardashian beds next??

It's understandable. It's what the audience wants, not necessarily NBA junkies, but the general audience. I get it. It's about that marketability. It's about ratings. It's about creating that N-O-I-S-E……. Lucky for those that enjoy the sport, less for the theatrics, and more for the integrity, I IDOLIZE NBA history, and even more so when, in just ONE game this happens: 2 NBA records are OBLITERATED and one NOTABLE NBA record is made!

To me, this is what makes the NBA so AMAZING!!!

Kevin Durant is a scoring machine, no surprise there, but to manage to squeak out 51 points when in fact he only went to the free throw line 10 times (he made 8 of those attempts) is even more, sort of, AAHHHHHH!!! There was no inflation of his 51 points, it was PURE shooting. I watched the game and Durant couldn't miss. He was dominant. It felt like he scored 82 points, not just the 51 points. The beauty with Kevin Durant, he can weave along an opponent's defense, shoot, it seems, anywhere, and his shot selection?? It's an NBA delight.

Russell Westbrook, as much as everyone calls him selfish, even I, was just as crucial and dominant, without being overpowering, in this game. He had 9 assists, but the most impressive thing with Russell, was his TWO turnovers during a tightly contested game.


However, it was eclipsed by Durant's monstrous game. He put the Denver team on ice, and was able to just C-O-O-K. But that's all on the down low, because it's old selfish Russ, and who cares about his 40 points, 9 assists and 2 turnovers, he took "too many shots." Right?

 Russell was so smooth during this game, that's it's foolish to critique his game. I'm looking at you Skip Bayless.

Let's not forgo Serge "IBLOCKA" Ibaka. This statuesque blocking GOD surfaced with a triple-double, 14 points, 15 rebounds and 11 blocks. He REJECTED. He OBSTRUCTED. He THWARTED. He PROHIBTED. He, basically, gave Denver the Mutumbo Finger Wag at the rim. He was THAT impressive.

These three men led their team, not only to a win in overtime, but they created a historical dwelling that will forever be cemented in NBA history, it's a shame that, it seemed, this BREATHTAKING moment was swept under the rug on the National stage.

However, Mrs. NBA never forgets.

NBA: Where THIS happens!

Until next time,

Mrs. NBA

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