Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wilson Chandler To Meet With The Toronto Raptors

Still awaiting FIBA clearance to return to the NBA, Denver Nuggets restricted free agent, Wilson Chandler, is headed to Toronto to speak with the Raptors organization about terms via his agent, Chris Luchey.
Sam Amick of SI.Com on twitter says:
"Wilson Chandler is visiting Toronto to discuss a possible pairing with the Raptors, according to his agent, Chris Luchey."
Over 3 weeks ago, I mentioned on twitter and it was an NBA rumor readily available on, that Raptors were trying to unload Jose Calderon to L.A. (they needed a third team) for that Lamar Odom trade exception that the Lakers had, in turn Toronto would use that extra money to make a run at Wilson Chandler which would make it hard for Denver to match.
Amick goes on to say:
"Chandler is still talking to Denver about a deal, but exploring other options as well. Another spike to someone's roster coming."
This, in my opinion, is nothing more than Chandler Wilson looking at all of his options, he wants to get top dollar, and can not be faulted as that. However, this is just talk at the moment and remember he still needs FIBA clearance.
One possible scenario: Wilson Chandler plays for Denver for the remainder of the season, becomes a free agent, signs with Toronto then.
Whatever happens, happens.
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