Sunday, February 19, 2012

Denver Nuggets: How Bad Is It Going To Be? (DEN vs OKC @ 6 PM MST)

This will be the simplest preview in the face of previews. There isn't much to rehash for Nuggets fans are all too familiar with OKC.

Denver Nuggets: 17-14 Record (Home: 8-7. Away: 9-7) Streak: 2 Losses

OKC Thunder: 23-7 Record (Home: 11-1. Away:12-6) Streak: 1 Win

Past Matchups:

Denver has claimed 14 out of the last 20 games from Seattle/OKC, but OKC winning 4-of-5 last season. Denver is 4-for-5 at the Chesapeake Energy Arena. All time, Denver is 22-53 against the OKC franchise when playing on the road.

OKC is pretty freaking common sense. Perk is DTD although Coach Brooks stated yesterday to media that Perk may get some burn time. Westbrook and Durant are the offense, they are, arguably, the best 1-2 in the league. I would say Denver would stand a chance if the team was at full health, but with no Gallo, no Nene, a team that is in a mental funk, not so much. The key to limiting Durant's numbers is to keep him off that foul line. Often times, Kevin's PPG are inflated because of this simple fact.

How Does Denver Win:

  • NOT playing THEIR game
  • Get to the BASICS
  • Unleash the Manimal as much as possible
  • Screen properly, get those bodies on somebody
  • Make those DARN FREE THROWS

I just want to see some effort and the image of the squad that I know so well.

Until next time,

Mrs. NBA

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