Friday, February 24, 2012

The Hype Machine: How Quickly New York Media Turns

 Lin-Sanity wasn't such a, dare I say, global trend, his bad game last night wouldn't be such a BIG DEAL!
Look at this picture from SportsGrid
How quickly "they" bite the hand that feeds them!
Sure the Heat won last night, remember the Knicks WERE 10 point underdogs, and yes Jeremy Lin had a terrible game, but that's NOT a surprise!!
Here is Lin's stat line for the night: 8 points on 1-for-11 shooting, 3 assists on 8 turnovers.
Yes, that's a "TURRIBLE" night, but when does ANY NBA player NOT have an off night??? No excuses. He sucked it up last night. It happens.
Let's be honest, the Heat, arguably, is the best team in the NBA. So was Lin to have this outstanding game?? Was the Knicks to steamroll the Heat??
Any LOGICAL and RATIONAL viewer will tell you the same thing.
It's not as if Lin is the superstar of the team; Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e, the faces of the franchise, had equally not-so-good nights, it's rather comical the New York Media Wagon is placing the loss on Lin's back.
My final thoughts:
Miami Heat > New York Knicks
Do I really need to say more??
Until next time,
Mrs. NBA

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